Friday, June 02, 2017


Me: Hola. Stewart told me Lawrence also resign.

Tommy: Finally. Now you job is to find out who replace Lawrence. Hire already.

Me: Lawrence going back to G13. Doing appliance. But G13 appliance supposing got no vacancy. The Japanese got replacement already? So fast. Lawrence throw last week.

Tommy: You are efficient lo. But Lawrence prefers hush hush.

Me: If Lawrence prefer hush hush, Lawrence won’t tell his boss lor. His boss won’t tell my boss. My boss won’t tell me lor.

Tommy: People talk. Cannot help. You tendered yet? Funny. You two still gonna be colleagues.

(Finally) (Hire already) >> I really don’t know whether it’s a question or a statement from Tommy.

If Lawrence's departure is indeed very true...then it will be an excellent diversion for me...because of my screw-up, I seriously do not want anyone from G13 to know that I am going back there...sigh...

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