Friday, June 16, 2017


Supplier Edmoi: Celtic said ask me talk to u about leaving. But I said if better why bother with merchandising.

Celaka betul this Celtic…told Celtic not to inform anybody…hahaha…this supplier’s answers also surprise me, I bet it also stunned Celtic. I expect the supplier, like everyone else will tell me, please re-consider your decision. Nonetheless, this Celtic also salah give information to the supplier, inform the supplier that I am doing schematic…I told Celtic that I am doing Cat Man, Data & Trade Marketing…see, salah information pass around. But I take note of the supplier’s concern…the supplier is a bit doubtful that I will achieve much success in my new role and also warn me, if everything goes wrong, immediately ask me to go back to buying.

Later on, Celtic told me that Celtic got inform this supplier, and this supplier's reaction was shock and say whether I am crazy or what. But from what the supplier told me, the supplier inform to Celtic, try now…if not now, then when. The supplier also told Celtic – no doubt, you will lose your left hand, so either you find another left hand, grow another left hand or be the left hand yourself…hahaha…this Celtic really can dramatize everything, putar belitkan the keadaan...this Celtic is like becoming another Alice like that...sigh...sign of insecurities...

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