Tuesday, June 13, 2017

In All Circumstances

The difficult circumstances we face can make it hard to say Thanks Lord. We can be thankful to our God who sees in every situation an opportunity for us to trust Him – whether or not we see His purpose.

Father, we honor You with our words, but so often our actions reveal that our hearts don’t trust You. Help us to see You at work in every circumstance, no matter how difficult.

By God’s grace we can be thankful in all things.

Acne – it got worst and worst. All over my face right now. Flaring red, inflame…already visit the doctor…today is my 4th day I am taking the medication…some are drying up but new ones are also popping up…sigh…yes, I also behave as per the above…in the morning, can praise God…but action-wise…failed and remain skeptical. Now no more lah…just have faith…yes, I am very ugly looking right now, also lack the confidence…but I am not going to let it ruin me. My God is mighty to save!

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