Friday, June 02, 2017

Have a reason and make it good

Tommy: You want to join The English? I hand your resume to Julien. Always wanted you to join. Think you are suitable. It’s about the company. The company is set up that it’s always about the company. You think think. That’s how they survived.

Me: This year we move out from our comfort zone.

Tommy: What am I supposed to do with myself. Haiz. Telan.

Me: Sigh. Yes. I am also not sure whether I make the right choice or not. There are risks. I agree with your point. But the opportunity given to try something new, so let’s try. If tak jadi, be buyer back lor.

Tommy: Question is that if it’s a good platform to learn.

Me: I will make the dept like The English. Hahaha.

Tommy: That’s the spirit.

Me: Don’t know lah. Everything should got something to learn. At least I hav 1 feet in and can get int fmcg.

Tommy: I like the optimism. You are the engine of commercial. Drive it.

Me: I hav always been positive. Now go in with underdog power. Hahaha.

Tommy: Very good.

Me: U ajar one.

Tommy: I never teach you anything like that, but with your attitude, you’ll go far.

Me: Got. I remember wat u say one. I also admit at times I also play forgetful when it comes to work.

Tommy: It’s never where you are, it’s where you want to be that’s the most important. Having goals keep us going.

For the first time…really for the first time…Tommy showed Tommy’s vulnerability to me…maybe I have finally gained Tommy’s trust...hahaha...

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