Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ring Of Invisibility

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the light of Your presence in my life.
Again, I felt so loved, so assured, so secured. In the midst of all these scenarios. And the journey haven’t even started yet.

Marcus: Morning! How was the buy off process?

Me: Morning. Tergendala a bit

Marcus: Emerson (HR) actually sent an email to Sörenstam that you actually told her you need to refer to your boss for buying off date

Me: Yes, tats the part tat is still in process

Marcus: Sörenstam can’t wait…plan come on 1/7, can?

Me: Unlikely

Marcus: Better firm up a date for Emerson (HR) to update Sörenstam

Me: Noted. No worries. Slow & steady I will arrive.

Marcus: Pity Mr. Horton’s secretary and Sörenstam kan jeung on your arriving la

Me: Plz don’t so high hopes. I will do my best.

Marcus: This is Sörenstam’s attitude, Sörenstam wants to quickly settles Sörenstam kingdom

Hahaha…(Plz don’t so high hopes. I will do my best) – I think I interpret Marcus’s lines wrongly…initially, I was thinking more towards of my capability. I really certainly hope that they don’t have such high expectations on me. I am really scared that I will screw up. This is really a new area for me. But I think Marcus will interpret it as my arrival time. Thank God for putting my choices of words correctly…I sendiri yang take it out from the context…hahaha…

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