Friday, June 30, 2017

Ljuda Place Mat

Hahaha…Harriet knows that I am leaving.

Harriet also confirms that Lawrence is leaving too, going to G13. Apparently Lawrence do not know what category he will be doing…hmmm…maybe Lawrence don’t want to reveal too much to Harriet kut…Lawrence is a tech guy, and in G13…there is already Shawn & Nigel holding the portfolios. As far as I know…there are only 2 vacancies that are available…Bryan’s & Ann’s portfolios…otherwise, it is Lawrence who is changing categories or Miguel will do another round of re-structuring again. Harriet told me that it was Maximoff who recruits Lawrence wor…Lawrence’s buy out is also a month.

I have given Harriet the impression that I do not know what category that I will be doing over there…hahaha…

Now, I need to piece the jigsaw puzzle together…who told Harriet? Marcus knew, Mr. Horton’s Secretary knew, Uncle Andy knew…Uncle Andy mixes more with the Grocery team wor…Paige & The MFT Director knew about it is because this Marcus went and put it up on our WatsApp chat group…will Paige share with Ursula? Will The MFT Director share this info with Laura? Who then will share with Lionel? Then will Clara knew about it too? Harriet is close with Nigel…but who told Nigel? Aiyo…so headache…like I say before…just assume that everyone knows about it…but nobody is talking about it or wants to talk about it…hahaha…

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