Friday, June 02, 2017

Netherlands Dwarf

Me: Morning. Bright & Shine. Ok, I think, re-think, un-think, don’t want to think, then continue to think…I finally think tat I want to giv the new role a try. So, u don’t think so much. Go and enjoy ur holidays.

Stewart: Sure? Very sure?

Me: U gav me until weekend. I already extend my thinking to another extra 24 hours.

Stewart: Well I was thinking since I not around u can consider until this wkend. Actually I thought u would change ur mind. Sad to see u leave. Initially u seems very uncomfortable but lately u looks settled. Really didn’t expect this. I was hoping u would change ur mind especially u know now is tough time and I need all the good team mbr. Part of the reason d31 is doing well is bcoz u turn the cat around. Really appreciate that and was hopping u can continue doing that n I can have a reason to fight for more benefits for u.

Me: I’m going on holiday, don’t want to be burden with it lah.

Stewart: I did not manage to giv u wat u want when u came in..i think I owe u this.

Me: I hav always been settled. Only tired. No worries, u hav Celtic, Mak Tiri & Jonas. Actually hor, I din’t do anything. Credits must giv to Wayne this year. Grow Wayne, invest the time, Wayne cannot sit down and do orders. Help Wayne to fix this part.

Stewart: If the team is not balance the DMs will also burn out. Mak Tiri is in that line. If no buyer to support the DM oso cannot function la. Is a team thing.

Me: U didn’t own me anything Stewart. Miguel call me back, Tommy call me back, I also didn’t go. I was just waiting to do a new portfolio. It’s time to move a little out from the box, time to re-skill, then I go FMCG.

Stewart: Ur cat is manage properly in sales n margin..that’s the challenge and u been doing that.

Sigh…I indeed had a great year last year…this year all spiraling downwards…hahaha…I learnt a lot…but isn’t it time to move on too?

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