Friday, June 16, 2017

I roll my eyes at them

Emerson (HR): Based on your joining date it would be on the 23 August. However due to the urgency we would need you onboard earlier. We will like to do a buy out for one month. Can you kindly provide us your acceptance of resignation letter and buy out amount for a month from you hr.

Me: Ohhh…ok, let me get back to u. Thank you.

Emerson (HR): Ok sure. Can you revert to me as soon as possible on this? Any updates.

Me: Let me get back to u. Coz, earlier on, there was no buy out plan, I thus hav given my word tat I will serve 3 months notice. So, let me sort things out. And will get back to u asap. Thank u.

Emerson (HR): Ok sure thank you. Any updates?

Me: Morning Emerson (HR). Plz hold for a while. Bosses are in meeting. Do not hav the opportunity to approach yet. Thank u.

Emerson (HR): Ok sure.

Me: Hi Emerson (HR). I am unable to update u today. After meeting, she hav left for mkt visit. I will get back to u by tomorrow. Thanks.

Emerson (HR): Ok thank you.

Wah…this Emerson (HR) really kejar me betul-betul, Wednesday & Thursday berturut-turut 2 days in a row …but today hor, is when I was suppose to give an answer back to Emerson (HR)…but this Emerson (HR) didn’t kejar me pula…on leave, I also didn’t revert back…because my original plan was to reply back on next week Monday…hahaha…

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