Tuesday, June 27, 2017

7 life habits that can make you smarter

1. Visit new places
Whether it’s a new country, new town, or a place in your area that you’ve never been to before, visiting new places is a great way to exercise your brain. You’ll challenge yourself to adapt a different situation and develop a new perspective of the places that you’re used to.

2. Watch television
They say television will rot your brain but it really depends on what you watch. Try cutting down on reality shows. Watching informative and educational shows like Mythbusters, for example, is a fun and entertaining way to learn science.

3. YouTube can be good too
If you’re online all the time, make some time to explore videos that are not cat videos. Some examples of YouTube channels that have compelling, educational content include TED talks, The School of Life, and SmarterEveryday.

4. Learn a new skill
Like the body, exercising the brain will help keep it fit. Learning a new skill - like cooking, woodwork or learning to play a musical instrument - will challenge your brain and keep you sharp!

5. Write
You don’t have to write a novel. Writing a daily journal is enough to help you practice and develop focus, creativity, and imagination. Writing also gives you the chance to practice expressing yourself clearly.

6. Read fiction
Reading has always been considered one of the best ways to increase intelligence levels. Reading fiction can teach you about human emotions, which can help you better understand yourself and the other people in your life.

7. Talk to people
Besides improving your communication skills, discussing, debating or analyzing ideas and concepts with other people gives you a chance to practice communicating effectively. It can also increase your knowledge and give you new perspectives on things.

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