Sunday, March 31, 2013

Les Célébrités

Today is the 31st of March. Tomorrow morning will be the 1st of April, when the sun rises, quarter of the year have already gone. It’s that time of the year again. A time when I reflect on the past 3 months that have just passed and highlight some of the best and not-so-good parts. Mostly to help me to remember :)

But today is also another special day, a special week as a matter of fact – it was Good Friday on Friday & Easter Sunday today. So, counting my Blessings today is an added significance and importance. I want to count my blessings today. I am being very blessed with a roof over my head, with food on the table, with a healthy body, mind & soul, with a wardrobe full of clothes, with a warm & comfortable bed, with my parents who always bicker non-stop with each other, with my Baby Sis’s I-phone that allows me to play Candy Crush, with friends & foes, with a good job in an international organization, with the figures in my bank accounts, with the non-turbulent & painful life that I going through (as in, I am not suffering) and most importantly, I have also just recovered from my current illness. It’s heaven. Thank You GOD, Praise To The Lord, Bless You GOD for spending a little more time on me.

I also want to Thank GOD for my March Blessings – I have completed my first 10KM marathon in the Brooks Marathon 2013, the 101 Shelter Project (where we finally get to view the TownHouse, in the end it was not to our liking, even though in the first place, we actually thought that this is what we wanted), the progression of the 2013 contract where I already have 12 suppliers who have already put pen to paper (no doubt, I was very slow in getting everything finalize as compare to Jonas where Jonas manage to complete everything by March. I still haven’t pass the middle benchmark yet, so I still have a long way to go), I get to go to Hong Kong for the second time & also get to step onto the Shenzhen soil and stay at two 5-Star Hotels :) I am indeed very Blessed. I want to be continued to be encouraged. I want to lead by example on what Faith is all about.

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