Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Ruby’s Mistress

This week, I’ve been a bit spoiled! My social life has exploded; I’ve been out and about every day and every evening! :)

I was on leave on Thursday & Friday (was clearing last year leave, this week was the last week to do so). I have been occupying myself with lots of chores. From renewing my passport, to getting my new MayBank passbook, doing some banking at the Hong Leong Bank, settling off my Public Bank Mutual Trust Fund, brought my mom to cut her hair, groceries shopping, sent my car for service, dinner with Victoria on Friday night, follow by drinks with Victoria & Niki at Silver Spoon etc. And yesterday - attended Snow Petrol's third baby full moon dinner at Klang’s V Garden. It was also a gathering for the former French comrades. Good to catch-up with everyone – Edward, Singrid, Betty, Matthew and Celtic. I was being covered with laughter, updates, giggles, a big hug from Singrid. It was all very cute.

Then the second session continues by attending Mr. Karan’s wedding in SS15 Subang. Mr. Karan was one of the top Team Baz Division Manager at the store level who really helps to push for the sales. Again, it was good to meet up and exchanging pleasant greetings with my fellow former French colleagues; majority of those who came are from the back office and at the operation level. These are the people from the supporting team who helps me a lot in keying the data, raising PO and arranging for the logistics.

Finally, ending the night with Ling Ling & Celtic at SnowFlake for some Taiwanese desserts. It was so good (the sesame ball, the pearl, the cold soya milk), I was so tempted to go for the second helping :)

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