Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Battle Of Lexington

While in Hong Kong for this second time around, Leonardo have made some good selection in our accommodation and we get to bunk in at the Hotel Nikko Hong Kong :)

Always Trusted, Always Ahead – that’s the hotel’s motto :)

Nikko Hotel is conveniently located in the vibrant commercial, business and shopping district of Tsim Shat Sui East, Kowloon, on the Victoria Harbour waterfront. So, the hotel is basically situated in the middle of the city with a very beautiful view. They are a member of the Nikko Hotels International (NHI), a luxury hotel group operated by the JAL Hotels Co Ltd, a subsidiary of the Japan Airlines with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

For me the hotel business has always been about giving the customers the best in the hospitality experience, it is not just about fancy hardware but rather, a uniquely human enterprise. Thus in Nikko Hotel, you can feel that the management places a premium on the personal touch, on service with a heart. It's an extraordinary service ethos that stems from the Hotel Nikko's Japanese heritage, with its emphasis on sincerity, generosity and self-motivated hospitality.

Our room was gorgeous…but the bathroom was even larger than the room itself; sort of like out of proportion. I would have preferred a larger room and a smaller bath. The bathroom was luxurious. I love their toilet bowl as it came with the famous hi-tech Japanese technology. There are buttons for you to press which will spray water to clean your rear, front and they even have a heater to warm your buttocks thereafter :) Cool right? The bed itself also comes with a luxurious goose down mattress, pillows and duvet :)

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