Sunday, March 10, 2013


Work Tales – News, Big News, Mother of all News – there has been an overall major overhaul shake-up & change at the G13 Top Management. On Tuesday, we saw the dismiss of the Scottish Commercial Director, on Wednesday, we saw the Chinese Finance Director decide to retire early and on Thursday, it was announced that our South African CEO decide to opt for early retirement too. Apparently, the rumors have been flying around since Monday before it arrives at a final decision. The reason for their discharge is that apparently that the Merchandising Team have been over-deducting and over-declaring the company’s Buying Income Figures over the years; without the acknowledgement from the suppliers. Thus, as the years went by, the figures have become to balloon by itself until it landed at RM300 million; realized by the Auditors. It is a very huge accumulated number. That is why whenever Leonardo asks me for more Buying Income every month, I will always say "I have no more money to declare, however I can give you more if you give me the permission to over charge the supplier first, these will be accrual figures". It is very important for Leonardo to know where the income is derived from. Form this situation; I think that it has been executed in a very fair & just manner. Usually, they will catch the small fish as a warning to the big fish, but in this case, they straight away catch all of the big fish because it is these big fishes that give the authority to the small fishes to do so. As we are fully owned by an Investment Company, it is very appropriate that such actions be taken to highlight transparency, ethics and trust. It has been a very interesting week :) When the new people comes in next week, I feel that I am entering a new company because I am very sure a very big change is about to take place. This year all of the hyper players in Malaysia is undergoing changes in many ways. The French was bought over by the Japanese, the English's Korean CEO has left (went back to Korea) & was replaced by a German and now G13 will ring in a new era as well.  

The latest status of my 'position' in my working life shall be - 'Happily trying to keep up with all of the work there is, try to do more, stop procrastinating, try to make less mistakes at work while keeping an eye on every opportunity that arises, to follow the passion towards greater things, the opportunity to shine, the chance to do what I loves everyday & to make it my career. I know it won’t help in anything job wise, but it will make me happier and it is what I want to do :)

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