Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ten Tiny Things Walk

I have been a very Sick Ham for the past 2 weeks; after I came back from Hong Kong & Shenzhen. Even after seeing the doctor, after taking all of the medication, up till now, I am still not 100% cured of it. It was sore throat at first, then the flu and the coughing. My nose was non-stop wet, I was blowing & blowing till my ear hurts. I don't remember there were so much water around. I don't remember that I have flu for this long. I think its a superbug. There were body aches, my head aches, and my skin and hair feels SO GROSS. It all hit me like a train. I basically woke up in the morning and WHAM.

But Thank You to Mama Ham who keeps on making one Chinese remedies after remedies to make me feel better. Mom, you are the best! :) It is time like this that always put me in a reflective mood once again. It changed the way I see life & people. I respect life & people even more now. It is so precious to be healthy. I try to live it to the fullest – whether being with family & friends, in work or doing the things that I love :)

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