Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mid Basket – Night Ball

If your current job requires you to be steadfast – carrying out repetitive tasks day in and day out with a high attention to detail and your personality describe you as someone who craves socialization, enjoys a variety of work and prefers a more strategic planning role – well, your profile seems to be at odd with your work requirements, the conflict between your identity and your output may cause high levels of anxiety & frustration. But make no mistake, even if your personality and strengths do not match your job, it doesn’t mean that you cannot perform them well, it just requires more effort :) – UnKnown.

I shall wait :) Think Positive, Be Positive. There is always a reason for everything. I just need to find that spark back. If I don’t manage to find it back by this year end, I have to move on already next year. I have been going through the same emotions & cycles which is endlessly spiraling through my life which I find it to be too repetitive and finding myself stagnant. It’s not the industry, it’s the job scope. I am very impressed with people who can find the ways to sustain themselves & their passion all year round. Retail is always ever exciting, fresh, new and vibrant. It’s like fire. And no matter how vividly you remember the fire scorching the soft skin of inquisitive fingers for that first time, you will still reach towards the flame again and again, mesmerized by its beauty, and warmed by its flickering heat. And this goes on and on.

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