Monday, March 04, 2013

when the Moon embrace the Sun

The 85th Academy Awards - I am so happy that Ang Lee won an Oscar for the Best Director for the movie ‘Life of Pi’. A first – for an Asian, a Taiwanese, a Chinese to be in the spotlight. I did not expect that the time has come for us Asians to have such a breakthrough. Not only that, one of the CGI company that was collaborating in the project was a Malaysian-based company as well; call Rhythm & Hues. This is such a proud moment – Malaysia Boleh. Malaysia is indeed has a huge pool of untapped talent. This country has survived and even thrived for the past 50 years or more on a low-wage system; which cause a severe brain drain where talented & super genius Malaysians opt to migrate and start their new lives overseas where the pay is better & everything else is better off. Now, what’s left and what remains in this country is literally the saki-baki that’s not so great in the first place. So, Malaysia – as we move forward to 2020 – let’s start all over with the right ingredients. Of course, without a doubt, if we throw out the low-wage system, we are going to lose our foreign investors who came here in the first place because of our cheap labor. But its time that we emulate Singapore where we transit ourselves into a more economic, financial, marketing, intellectual & service base country.

Yes, Anne Hathaway won the Best Supporting Actress award. She so deserve it :) I hope to see her soon in My Fair Lady. 

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