Sunday, March 31, 2013

Midnight Basketball

In E-Tiara, Subang; not only lays my favorite diner – Ben & Nick’s, but I have also discovered a lovely Japanese gem – called the Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery. Met up with Victoria on the Friday night. Was supposed to have dinner together at Ben & Nick’s; but when I mention that I have heard that this Japanese restaurant was good and I didn’t had the opportunity to sample their food yet, immediately; Victoria suggested that we should tried it out. It is wholly-owned & run by a Japanese family. There is the husband & wife team, helped by their teenage son. I have to say that they are a very good looking, stylish, polite & humble unit. The café do not served the usual Japanese sushi but they serve cooked Japanese food. The environment is very comfy and cozy. Their food is slightly pricey, but its delectable and they are also very famous for their Swiss Roll Cake (Charcoal Strawberry Roll Cake & Choco Roll Cake). They are as good as RT Pastry, but creamier :) They are also pretty to look at; with colorful fruit toppings. Delicate soft frosting and light moist cake…it certainly can make all of my problems go away :)

Then, the both of us hit over to Silver Spoon (Gourmet Yet Casual Dining Experience), Publika to meet up with Niki. Another charming watering hole, which oozes class & fun. It really stood out on its own, even though it kinds of dwarfed out by its giant neighbors – Fat Boy’s Burger Bar, The Social, The Bee and Ben’s Restaurant. I still think that this place is a definite keeper. It was a relaxed night out, hanging out with Victoria & Niki who are always cheerful, happy and appreciative of the simple life. The both of them make me laugh at the silliest jokes, their passion for the 80s & 90s music, movies & TV shows and the both of them had both the brains & beauty. Delicious :) At my age, if I can still find (new) friends that I can pour my heart to and not worry if I will be judged, it’s a huge privilege :)

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