Monday, March 04, 2013

Mayor of Casterbridge

:( Matthew Resigns – Celtic went babbling to everyone that Matthew was so comfortable in the French zone that Matthew could not adapt to the new G13 culture. I’m of the opinion that it was a mismatch between what Matthew wants to do and what the job required. Matthew loves developing new product for the market while the current job requires lots of analytical & precision studies of the product life cycle. I would say that both of the scopes are complementing each other, however taking into Matthew’s extrovert nature, it is indeed boring to just look at the figures. Luck was also not on Matthew’s side as well. Matthew manage to secure a new job but the employer; at the very last minute inform Matthew that the position will be given to an internal staff as a promotion, thus Matthew was unable to secure the new position :( Better luck next time. Matthew & Victoria are one of the nicest people to be around with. Good conversations always leaves me feeling like life is wonderful and they always have a ready smile on their face all day, every day :)

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