Monday, March 04, 2013

Body Got Shit

Zam Zam Arabic Restaurant, Oasis 9, Shah Alam – most of the Arabic restaurant is located in the city where most of the Middle Easterner tourist are. So surprisingly, in my neighborhood, Arabic food is to be found :) Apparently, I have read somewhere that Zam Zam is the biggest Arabic Restaurant around. I guess is because they not only entertain walk-in but also involve in weddings and caterings as well. This is a good place to go for authentic Arabic food if one doesn’t want to go all the way down to KL. Its worth giving this place a shot. The place is run by their own Arabic people. The food didn’t take a long time to arrive. We have Lamb Kebab (called Halebi), Humus with their pita-like bread and chicken & lamb wrapped in tortilla-like bread. The meats are chewy, meaty and have a strong flavor of mild spices and sweetness from the tomatoes. The ambience was nice, prices are affordable, meals are big in portion, offering patrons a well considered menu for modern Arabic dining :)

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