Monday, March 04, 2013

Kompakt Automat

Brooks Run 03.03.13 – National Stadium Bukit Jalil – 10KM – Mission Accomplished.

My first 10km run and I manage to clock in at 1 hour 26 minutes :) James was not bad too; considering his size & weight :)

I am very happy with the results, better than I have expected. What's more I was lacking of training for the past 2 weeks, have been eating a lot; post-CNY, might have put on some weight...luckily, I manage to breeze through.
But I am not so happy with the run organizer. I think it was very badly organized. First, when the runners were running on the road, they should have close all of the three lanes, instead they only close two. Two running lanes is not a problem but it becomes a problem when the number of the turnout is huge. Thus, the running space becomes congested. The runners will bump into each other and they have to zigzag through very uncomfortably. Then there are runners who stop suddenly and the runner behind will bump into them. Then there is the water station. Runners literally have to stop to take their water. The organizers should have either have longer tables or pour more cups not still pouring water into the cups when the runners arrived. Lastly is the condition of the road which is not suitable to run on. There were constructions going on in certain areas, thus the roads have rocks, potholes due to heavy lorries ferrying building materials day in and day out. The route also covers many up hills as well. I’m on leave today to nurse my sore legs :) Additionally, it was also a heartfelt moment, watching a young chap on his wheelchair competing in the marathon as well.

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