Monday, March 04, 2013


Work Tales – Oh No - I have my work review with Leonardo done on last week Thursday. The usual big problem – SALES. I indeed deserve the bashing. If the whole division is growing rapidly at 4%, therefore, I ought to grow too…then why is my figure is dropping drastically. MTD Feb – the figure is positive. I only have a major drop in January; that is why when both of the January + February month combine = my YTD is down. The major culprit is from the Seasonal Deco category but all of the other categories are also not that healthy either. All recorded a down trend. I know I am the problem. It’s internal. I seem to lost the passion & enthusiasm that I used to have. Without these 2 key ingredients, I become sien & bored. Then I slack on my job, and when things keep flushing in rapidly, I cannot cope – which I think Leonardo also notice. I know that I need to do something. I even try to change my working style, do something new so that I won’t get bored…but nothing seems to work. I don’t think it’s unusual to work a lot. It’s what most people do in the world. I am also of the view that all business need to refresh themselves with new management and ideas and after being a buyer for the past 8 years, I believe it is appropriate for someone new to pick up the baton to create a new breakthrough in the retail market. Money is not the only motivator. Money is only a by-product. A sense of accomplishment, recognition, justice, fulfillment or even just the desire to do good for others is better motivators. These are the language of enthusiasm, of things accomplished with love & purpose and as part of a search for something believed in & desired. I don’t want to be like the unfortunate people out there, people who know what their dreams are, have the resources to do so but don’t want to realize them.

On last week Saturday, one of the article in ‘’ – they did a feature on the Top 10 reasons on why talents quit – I can identify 2 which describe my current situation right now – not intellectually stimulating & boring routine. I will try again this week…knowing that I’m in a job that gives me a OK financial satisfaction minus that soul-deep happiness that my passion bring…I will create excitement in my personal sphere, yeah compromising. But of course, I know that sometimes, there’s just no way to hold back the river. I don’t want to go through life wanting to do so but no action has been taken. This week, there will be more obstacles, detours and adjustments, but I’ve got to move the same compass point.

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