Thursday, September 18, 2014

German Black Forest

Ursula asked me whether I want to go with her for this coming October’s Canton Fair or not. I said that I don’t want to go. Then Ursula sighed…she said that Shawn doesn’t want to go, Gerrard also doesn’t want to go…Christy is not allowed to go by someone…so here is the interesting part…why Christy is not allowed to go? Who is not allowing Christy to go? And Sabrina is so eager to go. Therefore, I told Ursula to give the opportunity and exposure to Sabrina. Then, this Ursula said that she have to teach Sabrina, jalan with her etc…I straight away and bluntly told her that it’s her job. This Ursula menyampuk that we as buyers…highly paid some more…should know all…but I also told Ursula that people like Sabrina and myself…where we are newbies…should be taught as well. Then this Ursula pause for a while and only mention that I should go with her. If I have to, then have to lor…grateful mah.

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