Monday, September 22, 2014

The point is, there is no point

This morning, Sabrina came into my room twice. The first time, was to ask me for the running date for the CNY 2015 presentation. Sabrina said that Ursula asked them to follow my format…I was quite surprise as I am not sure whether my running dates were correct or not. I just followed the last year CNY leaflet date sequence.

The second time, Sabrina came into my room…Sabrina requested for an envelope. As I was so busy doing my work…I told Sabrina to wait, I will get back to Sabrina later as I need to search where I have put them…so, after I have found them, I went into Sabrina’s room after lunch…Sabrina said that Sabrina doesn’t need them anymore…I told Sabrina to at least take one because I search high & low for it. In the end, Sabrina did obliged. Do you know why Sabrina needs an envelope for? Sabrina tendered! Reason: Stress!

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