Tuesday, January 24, 2017

And we love a good car karaoke

Putien, SS15 Courtyard, Subang >> dinner with Marcus, Paige & The MFT Director. Initially, Marcus have organized a G13 dinner gathering…then mana tahu…in the end, the dinner have to be cancel…so, I pula go and suggest that the 4 of us should have dinner together instead. I love big gatherings of colleagues and I’ve re-discovered how funny they are. Like really funny.

The MFT Director may be reporting to a new boss soon.

According to Paige…this Nigel really kek sei Ursula…it seems that Nigel is making mistakes repeatedly at the workplace but Ursula is always there to help to cover for Nigel.

FW have moved to the convenience store portfolio. According to Marcus…FW is a very capable leader…during meetings, Marcus can see that FW can explain and justify very well with facts & figures…always check with the team whether it is workable or not…unlike Maximoff; everything try first without brainstorming or thinking about the consequences if the plan didn’t goes as well as plan. Marcus also advise Jecca…if there is the opportunity to go into buying…better be park under FW.

Albert has also been promoted to a director level as well…same rank as Maximoff. I know some of Albert’s past & current subordinates have complained about Albert, who always screw the team…but according to Marcus & Paige…Albert is very hardworking, works hard, walks the floor always, very low profile…so because of this, the bosses took notice and gave Albert the opportunity. Albert’s House Brand department always have new development every month in every leaflet…so, it’s either Albert is really doing very well or the rest of the department have screwed up, thus allowing Albert’s department to shine.

Brian is gay…according to Marcus – this Nigel & Christy is so gatal…always take advantage of Brian…touching Brian’s chest and squeezing the biceps & triceps…hahaha…

According to Marcus…Miguel knows that this Emerson got kutuk Miguel but did not know that this Emerson got go and kutuk until so teruk.

Emerson is getting a divorce.

Marcus also mentions that Amelia is also a changed person…last time in G13 also not like that…after soaking up with The English people & it's culture, totally a changed person. Marcus also nearly gets into a dispute with Amelia.

Maximoff got warn Ursula…what happen was…some of the appliance item codes; Miguel have sort of like modify the shelf capacity…then this Ursula re-modify them back again without informing Miguel…and Ursula went and tell Maximoff about it…aiyo, no need to tell out one mah…just keep to yourself lah…but this Ursula tak tahan…Marcus only advise is this – let go…

The new FOM structure will see that Maximoff need to do some re-shuffling in the division…Maximoff have too many SCM…see how Maximoff is going to compact the team.

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