Friday, January 06, 2017

Lexie & Mark

BBQ Ma Eul Bab Cup, Damansara Uptown >> decent selections, cozy…normally we see baby octopus dish at Japanese restaurant which they serve it in raw condition. However, here…they serves this in a grill way. The grilled baby octopus tastes so good for me. And their smoke duck is just as excellent as well.

Dinner with Michel & Ice. Aww…so sweet of them…got me Christmas presents as well…has my name engrave on it.

Looks like Brian is unlikely to leave.

Michel knew something regarding the new structure…but refuses to share with me about it yet until the official announcement is made. What I gather is that a layer of the hierarchy will be remove and Maximoff is currently being very low profile at the moment.

Ice and Harriet seems like unable to click. Thus this year…their business grew in G13 and with The English.

Tommy is doing alright at the moment. Tommy is the type – if you pay Tommy 100%, Tommy will returns back 150%.

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