Sunday, January 22, 2017

Okay, ladies now get in formation

Naughty Nuri, SS15 Courtyard, Subang >> lunch date with Mel Jag, Miss Klein & Torres.

They are just so enjoyable to hang around with. We have all these wonderful conversations. We talk crap. We have all these “in” jokes. We mock each other. We had a great time.

And it was such an unexpected surprise as well when Mel Jag buy us lunch. After lunch, we went and buy 4D number…well, that is because…among the 4 of us…Mel Jag is a bit kedekut…not calculative…but very rare Mel Jag will treat us…we have to ketuk Mel Jag a few times, only then will Mel Jag will treat us to anything…yes, we are that naughty because we always claim that Mel Jag is earning more than us…so, we decide to buy the number 0678 – because that’s the receipt number…but mana tahu, it keluar 0689; first prize somemore…adoi, so near yet so far…nonetheless - #ultraBLESSED!

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