Sunday, January 08, 2017

Breaking Free From Gender Expectations

WatsApping Marcus the other day…

Marcus: So, are you joining the dinner? Since not many ppl going, it will be easier to chat.

Me: U have 1 table already wor

Marcus: Can add one la

Me: Ok I come.

Marcus: Thank you for your support. Bring Wayne, Celtic & Mak Tiri.

Me: Celtic cannot. Let me ask Wayne & Mak Tiri.

Marcus: Since Ursula is not going, MT don’t want to see Ursula’s face.

Me: Serious? Eh, wrong. U should ask Mak Tiri…

Marcus: Why? You no ngam with her.

Me: I shy.

Marcus: Oh no! She no ngam with Celtic.

Me: I don’t think she like me either. I also very noisy.

Marcus: Then you might have to behave loh

Me: Well u know, I get overexcited easily…

Hmm…how come Marcus didn’t bring up Jonas’s name…is it because that Alice & Gerrard is not coming…so no need to invite Jonas? Alice & Jonas are bestie.

I think this MT boh ngam with a lot of people…Ursula’s case…so long time already…

So it is indeed true…MT sure got complain about Celtic to Marcus…hahaha…

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