Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Have Tig At Your Party

Dome, Subang Parade >> CNY lunch catch up with James yesterday who just came back from China. Currently James is based in Hunan province, James is really moving out from the comfort zone…a chap that doesn’t even speak a work of mandarin is actually working in China…I am sure James will manage everything well and I can see on his face that he is itching for change, growth and independence, which no doubt, this Chinese company will be able to provide. I’m so excited for him. And I really like James’s idea of the Training Board – whereby we train buyers on internal processes, market trends and up-skilling. I really felt that The Japanese is really lacking in this area…that is why…I feel there is no quality around…I also feel no quality now…so, I sendiri have to be more aware and upgrade myself…update on my mindset, attitude & behavior, learn new skills and networking.

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