Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Leadership In Volunteering

Honing Leadership Qualities By Doing Good

Multiplier effect of help
>> there’s something about giving in a direct way that not only facilitates a connection between ourselves and the other: those we help also help us in turn by offering a way for us to reconnect with ourselves, to remind us of our core values, of what’s important to us, and to have a deep sense of gratitude for blessings we so often fail to count.

Help yourself grow too
>> volunteering is perhaps most valuable in terms of allowing those who volunteer to develop wide-ranging skills, build confidence and learn to thrive outside their comfort zones. In a nutshell, those who volunteer inadvertently develop leadership qualities within themselves, and the more benevolent and resourceful leaders a country has, the better its chances to thrive for generations to come.

First steps need not be big steps
>> when one person is helped, he or she in turn may be able to help five more, and those five more might each help 10 more, and on it goes – all because we decided to give something back and help others to unlock their own potential so that they might help others in turn.

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