Saturday, January 28, 2017


I want to count my blessings today…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD!

I have no resources of my own. I depend fully on Christ to keep me moving forward. He will take me through the greatest challenges and lead me safely home.

I am grateful, Lord, that while I aim to keep a strong grip on You, You always keep a strong grip on me! You are working in me and giving me what I need to continue trusting You on my faith journey.

Keeping the faith means trusting God to faithfully keep you.

You know…this month of January…there were so many problems that I encounter…problems that I have no control off and problems that are so huge that I cannot manage them…I complained to God, I whine about it, I was unhappy with myself…I keep on saying about being better…but I was not…I keep on seeing myself getting worst, getting more idiot by the day, more stupid…that kind of stuff…but I didn’t realize until now…that every problem, there was a solution which God have provided for me.

One of the suppliers, they sign a contract where the fixed amount has been removed. But during the year end closing, the deduction still occur. It was a total of RM60K…I told Stewart about it…I thought that I will get another round of scolding from Stewart…then, mana tahurupa-rupanya, Stewart already knew about it and mention that it will be reimburse back to the supplier. This is because the supplier’s 2016 contract have been submitted late, it got rejected along the way, therefore the Finance Department recognizes the 2015 contract instead. So, once the rejection of the 2016 contract have been rectify, it should be ok already.

Then, the same supplier also has double deduction occur during Mrs. Simon’s time. I remember that Celtic pass a document to me…which I admit that I should have look into it asap in the first place, instead I just put them aside. So, using the documents…I re-submit again…Stewart approve it…now only pending for the big bosses to put pen to paper.

This one I am so grateful…truly am…the SC indicator needs to put into the contract computer system. Therefore, any Promotion Agreement that have been raise needs to be inserted with the SC indicator. And not the OF indicator (as in as On Top Income)…and I key in the wrong indicators…which again occur double deduction. I am so thankful that the money can be reimburse back…I am so thankful that Stewart approves it…and most importantly that God places this Kakak Siti in my life…teaching & guiding me on how to fill up the forms, re-checking in the system and raising the log case book.

This too I am truly grateful as well…Subang Jaya Store Re-vamping…changes upon changes…I think it’s finally settle for now…again, a really big Thank You to God for putting Smallie & Mei Wern into the picture as the both of them really help me out a lot…I was so indecisive, so blur…the both of them just came straight in and make things simpler for me…now, you get what I mean…I keep on saying about being better…but I was just not…I was blank half of the time…and this upsets me a lot…but I know…the key word here is progress, improvement, growth…keep on growing, be grateful, to give…

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