Monday, January 02, 2017

Yep things are a little busy, chaotic and noisy

On last year Christmas night…Small Ham & I did something different compare to the previous years. We were in KL, Jalan Hang Lekiu, in front of the SEGI College…serving food to the homeless, the poor & the community. Got move me to tear a little…because it’s very sad that even though our country, in this city, we can consider ourselves quite prosper…yet we still have these profile of people on the streets. There are the homeless people who came; carding their cardboard boxes, drug addicts, drunkards, women who dress up nicely together with their young children (prostitutes), transgender, people who suffer from mental health issues etc. I was at the serving drinks counter…there were some who refuse to take a beverage because it’s difficult for them to find a toilet…some smells, with bad breaths…knowing that they have not taken a shower or brush their teeth for sometime…thus some of them refuse to take the sweet & savory food. Kembara Kitchen is founded and run by a husband & wife team (William Cheah and Chan Yi Lyn). The office & kitchen is based in Bukit Rimau and most of their volunteers are from Kota Kemuning. Great to see so many volunteers who volunteer their time and energy. And it’s also great to see so many Malay Malaysians that partake in this event as well. Moderates – please rise up! Please don’t let extremism take its place in such a diversify country. It feels good to do something different on Christmas Day!

serving food to the homeless, the poor & the community
bringing Malaysians together

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