Sunday, January 22, 2017

God’s Reminders

Jesus as the Master Reminder. And that is good, because we are so doubting and forgetful.

A colleague of mine left on last week Thursday. Smallie is formerly from The English. One of Smallie’s colleagues is recruiting…

Is WL2 Manager position. I prefer someone has buying background so she can relate & explain easier.

The job covers system, process & soft skills training. Add on supplier viewpoint twice a year.

Routine jobs will be training, writing & improving processes.

She will have 1 exec to champion in system & data support for commercial.

But my only limitation is budget. I don’t have huge budget to hire. So not able to get very very senior buyer. 5 years should be ok.

I didn’t know that I have another alternative. I thought the roadmap was either to be promoted upwards, managing other categories, build your own business or join supplier as a Key Account Manager. Only later on…I discover Category Management when I had an interview session with Colgate-Palmolive. And now this…Education & Training. They are not park under HR though. Again, the only constraint is the location…traffic jam, tolls, more expenses and the uncertainty of The English’s future in Malaysia…

God, Thank You…another avenue that I can pursue…I put this into your hands…I only told Small Ham about it…I didn’t even share it with Mama Ham…and I am not going to share it with anyone else…I didn’t even put my name J___ in my CV…I use back my Chinese name…hahaha…GOD, I surrender to You, I submit myself to You…You are in control of my life from this moment onwards, You take charge of everything, You take the lead from me…You decide for me.

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