Sunday, December 25, 2016

Budget and have a separate savings kitty

Ursula: Hi J___. Brought books from the big bad wolf sales. Read one book ‘The Four Doors’. Very very nice. And this. Got so many…

Me: U read? By now u should hav flipping ur zodiac 2017…

Ursula: Yeah

Me: Just pulling your leg…how’s life?

Ursula: So big pot of cold water. I am on leave till next week.

Me: Another pot of cold water…u on leave? Impossible. Wat happen to the old A__ S__?

Ursula: Life is suck at work. Just take a break now. Should had told me got all these nice books. Still here.

Me: Choose ur battle wisely. Know when to retreat & attack.

Ursula: Just now is the time to magnify my life.

Me: Good, continue reading --> it helps to build mental strength. U are always #awesome.always to me.

Ursula: No no battle. Just need to balance work & joy of life. I teared when I read this book, as they are so many facts of life that I missed out. Mick taught me to read more. Maybe that is the God ways of telling – hei mum, don’t set the bar so high as sometime u need to spend time with your family. Ok, u take care & merry christmas.

Me: Merry Christmas Ma’am. Thank u for everything.

Aww…so sweet…Ursula remembered me!

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