Friday, December 02, 2016

Kickstart Your Journey Of Change Today

Employees leave organizations with stories, not balance sheets – Roshan Thiran.

Do we have the guts to bring in change when things seem to be going okay? – Ashwin Rajgopal.

We have learnt to cannibalize ourselves. Know that if you don’t disrupt from within, people will disrupt you externally – Leon Foong.

(1) Be Not Just A Leader, But A Leader-Accelerator >> leader-accelerators have the uncanny ability to adapt quicker than the environment that they operate within. In fact, in the age of disruption, they are the ones who proactively look for opportunities to rock the boat and own the change on their terms, rather than be subjected to external changes created by others. Leader-accelerators innovate internally and they make things happen at accelerated pace by creating a sense of shared energy among people and influencing their mindset to be part of the change.

(2) Create A Common Story To Bridge Gaps >> when stories are crafted and anchored, employees can then connect the missing dots in finding meaning in their work. Employers are sometimes torn trying to balance the tangibles such as bottom lines and the intangibles such as helping employees see the great cause in the work they do.

(3) Seeing Boredom, Dissatisfaction And Frustrations As Opportunities To Reinvent >> (I hope that I didn’t come across as arrogant and showing off…but I think I just did that to Stewart every time…hahaha…)

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