Thursday, December 22, 2016

Drottningholm Palace

Hahaha…was discussing something with Stewart…don’t know how the conversation lead to this…apparently…Stewart commented that Mak Tiri is not ambitious…Mak Tiri is so in her own comfort zone…Stewart cannot cancel Stewart’s annual leave yesterday, so all of the Division Managers have to attend the Policy Meeting…Stewart mention that Celtic cannot go in alone…Mak Tiri ask Stewart why Mak Tiri have to go in...Stewart commented something about Celtic misinterpret information and also on Celtic’s negative attitude. I mention that Stewart needs to coach Celtic…but Stewart refuted back that Celtic cannot be changed due to Celtic’s upbringing and character. So, Stewart did notice. And I guess that Stewart is just using Celtic to control all of the HouseHold suppliers, to get the support and Stewart is basically using everyone’s strength to get things done. Celtic’s function is to talk to the HouseHold suppliers only, otherwise…Celtic have no role to play or to contribute to the division…drama queen, defensive, reacting, emotional, illogical, misinterpret information, have emotional attachment with the suppliers, egoistic, rude, talkative, lazy, bad in analyzing…sounds like a disaster...

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