Sunday, December 18, 2016


Being resilient through it is not downplaying what you’ve been through >> it’s a determination to say – yes, I’ve been there before. But here I am stronger than before.

Don’t beat yourself up for things out of your control >> attempting to control situations that are out of your control is like driving a car forward while looking back. You’re bound to crash at some point. If things have occurred in the past that were out of your control, eventually we will reach a place where we would need to make a decision. Will I be defined as a product of emotional instability and dysfunction or will I be defined as someone who had difficult experiences and came out of it a better person?

Bring resilient may mean taking a break >> we often take a militaristic tough approach to resilience and grit. We imagine a Marine slogging through the mud, a boxer going one more round…we believe that the longer we tough is out, the tougher we are, therefore the more successful we will be. However, this entire conception is scientifically inaccurate. To build resilience, one must be able to strategically take a break every now and then. Slogging through extra hours at work may give you the illusion of productivity but it does the opposite. Recovery periods actually raise productivity levels.

View life from a larger perspective. Resiliency isn’t saying that you are in a difficult place. It is saying that the difficult place you were in can make you a stronger person within.

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