Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Your WHY drives the PURPOSE! Clarity is what creates motivation >> your WHY gives you passion for starting. If you have a strong WHY, your decision-making and the choices you make will be more robust.

Preparation : Creating the foundation for toughness >> mental toughness is fostered by knowing that you are prepared efficiently and that you are totally competent to handle any problems that arise out of the blue. Excellent preparation helps you to avoid surprises and will better prepare you to know how to control those that do. Mentally tough people are willing to do more than what the average person does.

In business, this could mean: having a plan, but also a backup plan. Being self-aware of your bad points and aware of how you can prevent them from rearing their ugly head. Strategies for coping with any unforeseen crisis that may occur.

Effort : Helping you to build the toughness walls >> opportunities to improve only come if you put in the effort. Those with mental toughness know that effort is required in all they do. They take the time to learn and make themselves better. They are aware that results don’t occur overnight but take many years to achieve and require persistent effort. They are both disciplined and motivated, tracking results to determine progress in both the short and long term. They are wise when it comes to distractions; knowing when to avoid them if they could be considered a time waster or could inhibit their development. Yet, know when to embrace it, if it supports or enhances their motivation, focus or ability. Developing and applying their toughness as a shield against threats leads to success.

Attitude which enables transformation >> mental toughness is built by accepting challenges and greeting them with an open mind and not seeing them as an issue. Mentally tough people see this as an opportunity to get better at what they do and understand that nothing should be taken for granted. A positive mindset undoubtedly will hold you in good stead when things get hard, and help you deal with any obstacles that crop up. Being positive also contributes to quick recoveries and allows you to prosper from bad breaks or failures.

Just remember to be patient, mental toughness takes time to develop. It is built by creating habits and forming goals based on your WHY. Being mentally tough isn’t part of being talented or intelligent but is forged by being adequately prepared, applying effort and consistency to all your actions.

Mentally tough people know that their attitude will provide an immunity against the many obstacles that life throws at them and by learning from failures, both reinforces and produces appropriate future practices to foster success.

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