Friday, December 02, 2016

The Curiosity Shop

Went up to Alor Star store for the major clearance project. Went up with Henry. Henry share many things with me…hahaha…

MT is good as a friend, but not as a boss. When Henry & MT make a trip up together to the Ipoh store previously…whatever questions that Henry ask, MT will answer with no hesitation.

MT sleeps with the lights off, Henry need the lights to be on. MT needs to sleep in a room temperature where it hovers between 15 degree celsius to 20 degree celsius. While Henry needs a warmer room temperature to sleep in. MT thinks a lot, thus have problem sleeping in the night. Sebiji like Ursula. When MT is out from the bathroom, she only has her top on and in her undies. OMG.

Henry feels that MT comes from an average family while Jonas comes from a well to do family.

Henry mentions that MT’s husband is younger than MT.

Now this is the weird part…MT’s relationship with her husband. According to Henry, there is no coffee in MT’s house. If her husband wants to drink coffee, he has to go over to the mamak store. MT will have her coffee in the office. What kind of a relationship is that?

Then there is this one time…MT’s husband call her during office working hours…they speak in English lah…but MT was like very mang chang like that…talking to her husband. Don't know whether she was in a bad mood at that point of time or she is the garang type at home...hahaha.

When MT is stress, MT drinks coke.

MT doesn’t like the smell of minyak kapak and chewing gum…

MT also don’t like Harriet because Harriet talks a lot…yeah, I also notice that Harriet & William can talk non-stop. When Harriet keeps on talking and MT is irritated, MT will hmmph out loud. Hahaha…

MT’s sense of fashion…is one of a kind…MT buys her clothes online. Skin care products too. Organic somemore.

MT always have her socks on.

I guess MT is firm & serious & cold at work, but underneath it all, I am sure MT have a big heart for everything and everyone. Someone who can layan me back in Spanish cannot be that bad right? :)

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