Sunday, December 04, 2016

Rose and Poppy Gates

I was in Alor Star store for the major clearance project…prior to that, Stewart did ask me whether I want to go to Alor Star or to attend the cina apek supplier new product launching at Mid Valley. I decide the former. The supplier is not part of my plans. No need to go to show my face. Unless they have something fantastic to offer to me. Otherwise…no no. Celtic, as usual lor …ask me why would I want to go…if I attend the supplier new launching, I don't have to go outstation to do the store operation work…trying to act as a big sister lah as always but Celtic doesn’t know that the reason that I want to go is to avoid Celtic...hahaha...

Celtic is very negative. Abigail is new to the Furniture Portfolio. I think Abigail got complain to Celtic that the furniture supplier’s always have no stock to supply because their export business is bigger than the domestic market. Then, by right…as a senior, you teach lah Abigail…that there is a rock that is in front of you right now, you have to find a solution to overcome it and maneuver it. Come out with a trade plan, a buy in plan…then the supplier can also plan for you. This Celtic pula answer Abigail is like that one lah.

Then Celtic tell Wayne that no customers are buying our items when our sales are down. Childish excuses, the rest of the other department sales is going up, only us is at a negative trend. I still cannot pin-point why Celtic's categories are down...I think there is something wrong somewhere in the merchandise, the strategies, the tactics to uplift the sales.

Back to this major clearance project, Celtic is still being very negative. I think the new boss is very smart. Clear all of the aging stocks, get the cash flow, buy new and the right stocks. Celtic pula go and influence Wayne & Zila that we have to cover back the margin lah, this lah, that lah. It’s a total company project, the new management commitment. The old stocks is really a beban for me and I am glad that I have been relief from it.

Even her suppliers also, at times I also don’t agree on how it is being managed. Tommy said that there is no integrity issues involve but Tommy didn’t know about Celtic’s other half yet. That one is really integrity. One of the suppliers, Marcus declare that it is Celtic’s best friend…hahaha…

GOD – you are indeed brewing something here :)

I just want to avoid this Celtic. Negativity and toxitivity.

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