Thursday, December 01, 2016


My second Bersih Rally :) Went down to KL with Paige. Last year, we didn’t do much. We just walk, sat down and do more on people-watching. However, for this year…we march. We actually march and follow the crowd to KLCC. What an experience :)

Also some gossips from Paige:

Everyone is eating lunch alone now in the office…hahaha…after Laura left, there is Lionel who keeps The MFT Director company, Paige also eats alone, same with Marcus…I think occasionally Marcus, Paige & The MFT Director will have lunch together on Friday…Pietro also eats alone, Alice too, as in Ursula as well.

The Legal Director has resigned. The Finance Director is currently serving notice.

Maximoff still have many opinions on everyone. Maximoff’s pet is still Emerson, Amelia & Miguel.

Bryan may not be leaving…as everyone has change from asking Bryan to 'when are you leaving' to 'are you staying back'…

Nixon is like patient and calm in managing Alice.

The Textile Department’s sales is still bad, Emerson is still unable to drive up the sales. Laura’s position is still vacant.

Apparently, Barry went back to G13…looking for business opportunities I guess (or is it upon Amelia's invitation) and Paige tease Barry that Barry should get back Barry's old job back with G13 as the sales is even worst compare to during Barry’s reign.

However the only good news is that the Leisureware Category under Alice is growing. Last year, Ramly’s category was bad, so this year, with Nixon in the picture and a key expert in the Toys & Baby Goods category, I guess Nixon have help to save Alice. I am not so sure on the sales outcome of the Stationery and Pietro’s category lah. Paige feels that it just feels so good that Alice’s sales went up because it is headed by a G13 people and not by The English.

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