Friday, December 30, 2016


Setting goals >> the first principle is to dream big as it equips you with the gritty perseverance to overcome any hindrance you may face along your journey. Next, rewrite your goals every day and look out for opportunities that can help you build your way up to achieving them as well as be reminded of the importance of walking the talk. Finally, keep your goals in balance and ensure that they cover your career aspiration, professional growth and personal spheres such as family & health. Once you have set your goals and determined the measurements for each of them, you will be more ready to step out in faith and do something daily. Steadily and surely, you will be able to manage your time better by focusing on behaviors that are responsible for achieving your target.

Establishing priorities >> urgent activities are usually visible issues that require us to take action as soon as possible. Important activities have to do with results. They contribute to our high priority goals, our mission and values. A common mistake that people usually make is spending most of their time on urgent/important. Rather, we should increase our efficiency by focusing on tasks that are important/urgent. This is because spending too much time on the former will dominate your time schedule and would result in you spending 90% of your time only on those activities., thereby ignoring the ones in other quadrants altogether.

Getting organized >> apply the 80-20 rule, whereby 20% of our efforts can result in 80% of value. Identify 20% of your time and actions that can give you 80% impact in what you do. Subsequently, try to reduce or even eliminate the low-value activities to allow more important work during prime time.

Dealing with time masters >> one important part of self-discipline when it comes to time management is to stop spending time on activities that are truly a waste of time. Against all odds, the things you find overwhelming on your to-do-list can be crossed out by the end of the day. For instance, try to avoid socializing too much on your phone while you are at work. Put those group messages to mute, browse your follower’s photos on Instagram during lunch time and reply your FaceBook comments after you head back home. Furthermore, keep your meetings at work short and straight-forward, break your procrastinating and avoid water cooler chats already. Delegate, defer, downsize, outsource or eliminate your task for real productivity.

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