Sunday, December 18, 2016


Yesterday have been quite an experience…what happen was…after the Korean lunch, we bump into Mel Jag’s cousin brother from Canada, who is in town for holidays. Then, we went over to The Library to get a drink…we had Erdinger.

Thereafter, we went on our separate ways…I know I was a little bit high. I had 1 pint only mah…473ml.

I drop by at Aeon Bakery, tapau back some pastries for today’s breakfast. Then I experience the same thing which I experience before…light headed, feeling a chill and I start to cannot hear anything…then, I was at the cashier counter…about to pay for my purchases…then I remember that I told the cashier…Kakak, I nak pengsan…then I close my eyes…then when I open my eyes, I was on the floor, I got up…there was this lady on my right who ask me whether I was ok or not, whether I am alone or do I have anyone with me…

Wah…I fainted in a public space…I’m not sure how long I fainted…my guess is just for a short while, because if it is long…I think the crowd have already surround me with their camera phone and upload the whole incident on FaceBook. Luckily, I still can drive back home. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – nothing bad happens.

I think I have a black-out. I had a full stomach wor… not eating will cause your blood alcohol level to elevate more quickly…I drank too fast? Drinking less and slower can avoid black-outs. Studies show a blackout's main culprit to be a fast, dramatic spike in blood alcohol content. I really cannot hold my beer well…or previously, I had less. Studies also indicates that… there also appears to be a tendency for people to revert back to blackout states once they start experiencing them, so you probably should lay off the alcohol for a while after blacking out. But basically the way to avoid a blackout is either to not drink quite so much, or to at least drink it slower. Basically, it all comes down to that sudden spike in blood alcohol content. Adoi…can lead to brain damage somemore.

Nonetheless, THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – for saving me.

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