Sunday, December 11, 2016

Team Phuby

I hope that I didn’t offend Jonas the other day…what happen was…we will be having a Flat Price Leaflet in the month of February next year. So, Jonas came over to me and ask me whether D31 have any item that is worth RM5 in selling price. According to Jonas, Toys don’t have anything that is RM5. As per the breakdown that Stewart have listed in…Stewart gave the allocation of RM5 to D31 and Toys. I assume...this is what Jonas has in mind...if Toys have no RM5, then D31 can take up the slots. However, I ask Jonas what about Stationery then…I guess Jonas was surprise that I sort of like questioning Jonas…but I was not questioning Jonas…more of like reminding Jonas if Toys have no RM5 price format, Jonas can replace it with Stationery. I hope that I didn’t come across as cocky, being questioning…I was just being helpful…have good intentions by looking at the bigger picture of the business.

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