Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Orange Confuses

When you have feelings of restlessness and discontent, you may believe that it is a sign to move on and quit. But don’t bail at the first glimmer of dissatisfaction – just as you should not quit your marriage after a spat with your spouse.

If you plan to quit your job because of conflicts you are facing at work today, remember that these problems will reappear in your next role if you don’t take the time to at least examine what’s wrong at your current role.

Leaving your current role without resolving this conflict is bound to create the same issues in your next role. So, resolve these conflicts before you leave.

Sigh…it’s either I change the situation or I change myself. Since I cannot change the situation, so I have to change myself. I have to change the situation that I am in.

Like today…New Year’s Eve – I am on leave.
No newspaper. Actually, there is no newspaper supplies for quite some time now…no runners to do it…have been requesting the Finance Department to approve for petty cash usage…don’t want to approve initially…now when the situation have blown out of proportion & to the top managment…then, only want to do it. Secondly, is the CNY deco…cannot set-up today because the school shoes is still there…yet Baldwin’s CNY home furnishing pillows can be display because my BTS standees have already been pack up & parked inside my stationery department because the Christmas block have already been remove. Hello…isn’t it double standard…school shoes can be there until 5th January because promotion leaflet ends on 4th January…come on lah…my BTS stationeries also what…double standard…non-supportive…and this Marcus also…celaka betul…not helpful…it’s really time for me to move on. I cannot keep on absorbing. It's really not fair. I am always the kambing hitam :(

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