Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Blue Soothes

Marcus share with me that Marcus will not be the next GM for the division. Yes, it is The Ice Queen’s plan but it is not Mr. Horton’s plan. Apparently, there will be a new GM coming in. FW is already in, but FW is park under the Grocery Department. Another new GM that was on board recently was Albert. But there are rumors going around that Albert is only the GM for the HouseBrand department. But then again…why is this Albert moving into Leonardo’s room? Ursula also confirmed with me that Marcus is not the next GM. Whatever lah…I also no eye see. If Marcus gets it…I am happy for Marcus because Marcus also has a very disaster year like me. At least, Marcus’s efforts are being rewarded. But right now, no one can second-guess what is Mr. Horton’s original game plan is.

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