Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Enjoy it…because it’s happening

Confirm…what Marcus said to me is true. Christy has to re-present during the second time. Because Ursula also told me so. What happen was…I was on my way to lunch…pass by Christy’s room…Baldwin was inside…so, I stop for a while…told Baldwin that I am going down for lunch with Stephanie…then, Ursula & Paige also lalu in front of Christy's room…this Ursula grab me…not exactly grab…but Ursula’s hand was holding onto my left shoulder and was leading me out. Both Baldwin & Christy saw this. Ursula told me that the first & second pull through but not the third one. When I am going in to face The Ice Queen after lunch, I need to speak out confidently. Then, Ursula teases me that I cannot do it one.

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