Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Boulevard De La Croisette

Should I quit my job?
Have you served at least two years in your current role?
Ideally, it would be three years.
Rational for this two-year rule:

It takes at least six months before you understand your role, the process behind it and being able to make sense of your division or business unit.

You will need at least another six months to start identifying areas where you can improve and drive change.

It will take another six months before you start to execute, make changes and drive impact.

You then need another six months to see the results of your execution and to see if the changes you implemented worked and to rework it if necessary.

I’m already with G13 for 2 years & 6 months now…I only feel that I got the department into a deeper shit situation than ever before. More worst. Only give Ursula & Marcus more problems than solutions. Every year is moving backward. It’s really time to end it all. Time to hand it over to another capable person. I’m already 33 years old next year.

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