Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015: GOD Has A Plan For Me

Dear GOD,

In another 48 minutes time – we will be saying goodbye to 2014 and usher in a brand new year of 2015. Wow…how time flies…another year has gone by.

I am writing You another letter :) I will keep it short & simple this time around. THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD.

If 2013 was a 2 out of a 10-point scale…then 2014…which is a slightly better year for me…it is a 4 out of a 10 point scale. My biggest regret for this year was rejecting the Colgate-Palmolive offer where my every prayer points have been answered by GOD. GOD is very faithful & generous indeed. My bad, I just did not have the courage to respond to You…but I hope that in 2015…God can give me an ounce of that and more. The courage & the confidence to do so.

I did have a wonderful time in 2014 as well…I went to Sarawak to attend the Sarawak International RainForest Music Festival, I hop on a Quad Bike, I bought myself a Foldie & a rose gold Fossil watch, I went for two 10KM Marathons, two 21KM Marathons, one 15KM Marathon & a 5KM Walkathon. I am also the co-owner of the Ken Rimba Condominium.

At work – I met Ursula, I learnt lots from her, my one zaman kegemilangan was back in the month of August where I am the only department that is positive double digit (together with Christy), I manage to pull through some obstacles…of course, there is always room for improvement. I also stumble along the way and made many mistakes as well. The Ice Queen turn my life upside down in October. Heard that The Ice Queen have decided to opt for retirement and have left the G13 building. But I am sure that The Ice Queen will make a comeback. The Ice Queen wants to leave a legacy.

GOD – for 2015 – as I get older…my wish list gets shorter :)
It’s time to write resolutions again. I’m just aiming to live better.
I just want to lead a purposeful & fulfilling life. Sounds very deep eh? I just want it to be better than last year. It’s my core value now. Simple pleasures, which cost close to nothing, are definitely the best! Relationships with my family and friends, travel, good food & good company, movement, prayer, self improvement & growth, career advancement, exploration & adventures, hobbies, health and exercise… and then the more physical stuff – house, car, toys, gadgets, color, books, fashion, money. Go all the way. I just want to grow to be a better person. Living better is more important than getting richer. And getting richer doesn’t equal to living better. Living better needs to come from being more disciplined, putting in more effort and having more gratitude.

God, my main problem is – please guide my choices of words & responses. I think that will save me from a lot of troubles :) Please continue to encourage me on not to criticize people, to always look for the best in people, to be a good listener and to throw myself wholeheartedly into life.

GOD – You are my Corner Man, You pack my parachute. It is indeed from a higher power for sure, no doubt about it. I know that this is not all me – there’s no way it could be. I do believe that there’s a power greater than myself that is surely watching over me and that is GOD. GOD - I am going to have the courage to respond to You…because You have a Great Plan for me :) All I need is your love, hope, assurance, grace, mercy, favorability, blessings, confidence, courage & encouragment. You never fail me. You are so generous and You will bless me more & more & more and You will make things better & better & better for me.

Blessed 2015 – the story begins,
- the underdog, rascal, misfit J___ -

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