Sunday, December 28, 2014

Nim’s Island

While Marcus is away – Ursula really steps in and helps.
Of course, there is Alice – but I take Alice as a pestering fly who knows nothing. Yes…I am nasty with my comments on Alice :) But I guess that dear Alice have already figure out everything…because Alice will end the sentence with…you just check with Ursula…you just communicate with Ursula…I am sure Ursula have already brief you on these…you see…celaka betul right…Ok, still have to thank this Alice, Ursula and to the other people who have extend their helping hand to me (just in time) to assist me in accomplishing my tasks.

However, nonetheless…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD…things went well…no big disaster happen. Just that I only got tease by Ursula…the department is no longer hers but she still have to step in to help.
At one point, there were so many reports to run…again, doing things for the sake of doing it.
Ursula: Are you fed up?
Me: Yes.
Ursula: I can see that…you just chuck the whole report. Darling ar

Then my stomach began to growl…it was so late that night and I was drop dead hungry…Ursula heard it and laugh. So malu :) Seriously, I think everyone at the top management doesn’t know how to move this category forward, how to design the right business model for it, to sustain it, how to get the right product, promotion & supplier mix and most importantly…they can’t even define how important this business is to them. What a shame.

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