Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Faces & Traces

This Ice Queen – celaka betul – really celaka betul – already presented twice on the Decision Tree…then, on this third time…The Ice Queen sounded me - don’t be so smart…chop off all of the bottom tables. Angry! Some findings:

(1) Pietro really kena teruk-teruk from this Ice Queen. This Ice Queen actually uses the stupid & useless remarks on Pietro. Poor thing. But, during this third round, Pietro really put in a lot of effort and manage to stage a comeback and didn’t get any scolding at all from the Ice Queen. Yay! Happy for Pietro because I know that Pietro’s confidence have been crushed to the maximum.

(2) Surprisingly, The ice Queen favorite was Madeleine.

(3) Baldwin also kena teruk-teruk as well. Even during the third round. Until finally Baldwin throws in the towel for good and surrender. Baldwin said that Baldwin cannot cope with 2 departments. In the end, in a very autocratic style – The Ice Queen ask Baldwin to give up one category and the other category will pass over to Madeleine. Of course…Madeleine doesn’t want to absorb another category, Baldwin is relief and now the status is still pending on the take over process.

(4) Shawn was not around to present, so Ursula present on behalf during the morning slot. Both Shawn & Gerrard pass. However Christy did not. This is the funny part. Christy told Pietro which Pietro then told me that The Ice Queen didn’t have enough time for Christy, so Christy’s slot have to move to the evening session. Impossible…knowing The Ice Queen…The Ice Queen will not delay anything and will have time for everything. Thereafter, Marcus also told me that – Christy has to re-present again. Because when The Ice Queen ask Christy questions…Christy cannot answer…and Christy was not confident enough during the presentation. I see...

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